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Barry Shein bzs at world.std.com
Sun May 18 19:31:26 UTC 2014

+N, very good, very well put.

From: Christian de Larrinaga <cdel at firsthand.net>
>There is a big ocean out there that can't be boiled.
>Tim Berners-Lee's magna carta idea is an attempt to set out agreed top
>level principles to frame how those interventions within and between
>Governments on matters related to privacy and security over digital
>networks are handled. That is a big idea.
>The top level of IG debate is being bogged down by a lack of such
>understanding and the failure to separate national security interests
>from the management of network resources. There is a long history and
>deeply embedded institutional frameworks that have tied these two
>tightly together and it is going to take a huge shift in culture, based
>on new confidence in making significant operational changes to evolve
>political expectations.
>The devolution of the IANA function is a victim of this. The question is
>can it be separated from the broader governmental discussion by
>demarcating clearly the limit to its scope and scale whilst establishing
>a form of API to support open interaction with all stakeholders
>including with those at ICANN, and new developments in global
>multi-lateral governance and debates at IGF and other places?
>The issue here is that we may not need new institutions but we do need
>new institutional thinking in almost all the existing ones. That
>suggests a long period of transition ahead where the balances between
>stakeholders will be fluid.

        -Barry Shein

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