[discuss] NETmundial and CSTD mtg

Mike Roberts mmr at darwin.ptvy.ca.us
Sun May 18 20:48:35 UTC 2014

On May 18, 2014, at 12:54 PM, Nick Ashton-Hart <nashton at internet-ecosystem.org> wrote:


> The best way for S&T to serve development is not through debates at CSTD but through much more effective integration of the WSIS targets and action lines activities with the relevant SDGs once they're finalized. Committees, in my experience, don't make life better for real people. Work on the ground to deliver real benefits to real people however does, and I hope we can all work to ensure that the promise of WSIS - development - is much better realised in the next decade of WSIS than it was in the first.

Nick has captured this very well.  It’s a tragedy that WSIS was hijacked by IG mongering and agenda snatching in the first place.

NTIA has said no govt and no multilateral proposals will satisfy its conditions for an IANA transition. With Congressional conservatives making noise in the background, the default, if no strong MS proposals are received, is more of the same, i.e. NTIA extends the contract. 

That outcome is in no one’s best interest, so we need to work on MS to avoid it.   

The Internet community has faced power politics since the beginning.  Some of us remember the struggle between OSI standards and TCP/IP protocols in the ‘80s.  None of the treaty and member state organizations need to become involved with Internet infrastructure governance.  Something along the lines of “mind your own business” is called for.  Followed by affirmative commitments to assist public interest goals such as WSIS SDG.

- Mike

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