[discuss] configuration of the maillist server from 1net.org

willi uebelherr willi.uebelherr at gmail.com
Fri May 23 00:48:34 UTC 2014

Dear Seun,

The option:
Receive your own posts to the list?

With "YES" you can decide, that the maillistserver have to send your 
mail, that you send to the list. With "NO" you decide, that you want no 
copy of your own mail from the listserver.

The option:
Avoid duplicate copies of messages?

With "NO" you can decide, that the listserver send a mail to you 
independent of your address is in TO or CC. With "YES" the listserver 
don't send the mail to you, if your address is in TO or CC. With BCC the 
server don't see your address.

This options gives the user the possibility to define some aspects of 
the working principle of the listserver. But in the listserver admin 
configuration from www.1net.org there is a general server option, i 
think so, to overwrite the user specification. And this only the admin 
group know it.

But this people don't answer to my question. Therefore i send this 
question to the list.

many thanks and greetings, willi
Jinotepe, Nicaragua

Am 22/05/2014 15:19, schrieb Seun Ojedeji:
> Hello Willi,
> Maybe i don't get your need; When you send a mail to the list, do you want
> a copy sent to you? OR do you want people to receive your mail and have
> option to reply to you or the list?
> The former you can achieve, the latter is the current behaviour of this
> list and you can't change it as its for list admin to set that globally.
> (Although a possible work around could be to always include a reply to
> filled when sending a message?)
> Regards

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