[discuss] Internet: the INTER-connection of local NET-works

willi uebelherr willi.uebelherr at gmail.com
Fri May 23 23:18:34 UTC 2014

Dear friends,

this discussion now focuses on the question:

Direct or indirect addressing in the Internet?

But this question we can answer only if we understand the requirements 
of the data packet transport properly.

The transport of data packets is a geographical task because origin and 
destination in communication are at different geographical locations. 
Otherwise, these questions would not arise. It makes no sense to apply 
the methods of internal addressing of CPU's, because it is a completely 
different tasks in a completely different environment.

When we realize what to do in order to transport data packets and what 
information is necessary so that the packets even reach their goal, then 
it becomes very easy.

Andrew has taken leave with great speech from this discussion.

He wrote:
"Today, on the actual Internet we have, if I am the registrant of an IP 
address range and I move my data centre from one location to another, I 
make a new announcement and everyone can find me automatically".

Because he does not understand the content of DNS processes, he also 
does not know what lies behind the facade of his "announcement". But he 
acts as if he would be familiar.

Meanwhile, we have several examples of supposed experts on this list who 
do not understand the contents of that of which they speak.

JFC Morfin (Jefsey) has disappointed me a little. He knows very well the 
history of the Internet, he knows many names. But is this sufficient? If 
we do not develop our own criteria, then it is better that we go to the 
church. Like small child we can run behind the religious dogmas. Luis 
Pouzin put it clearly in his texts to the catenet. Never stand the 
physical requirements in the foreground. At that time the project was 
stopped because the telecommunication companies of the different state 
were afraid of a possible loss of their monopoly position. They prefer 
the X25 protocol.

The main forces for indirect addressing in the Internet are government 
intelligence agencies and the military authorities; public or private. 
And it seems like their needs were always the most important in the last 
40-50 years. There are not helpful many names of famous people.

Luis Pouzin was also fixed to the indirect addressing. Following of that 
was developed such illustrious names such as "Virtual Geo Network". Each 
person can build such a virtual network if they want. Even virtual 
communities of any kind. But we never allowed to make this nonsense to 
the base.

The same is true for the pseudo-model OSI. Each person can think up to 
any models. But models always remain just perceptions. They arise from 
the attempt to outline the reality. But the determining factor is the 
reality itself and not the idea of reality.

I can only hope that something more consciousness arises in this circle 
about the reality. But based on my experience in so many threads in this 
list I have big doubts. At least until the more passive reader 
interfere. Then could also Luis Pouzin participate in the discussion.

The geo-routing come today through the backdoor in again. In dynamic 
meshnets of mobile devices without local access points, the geo-routing 
has proven to be advantageous. Also a military line of research.

Even if that is not the issue here. We should think about, how we can 
disolve all kinds of military worldwide. Then we have a lot less 
problems in our lives. And not only in the internet.

Many greetings in solidarity, willi uebelherr
Jinotepe, Nicaragua

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