[discuss] NETmundial and CSTD mtg

Michel S. Gauthier mg at telepresse.com
Wed May 28 09:31:58 UTC 2014

At 04:15 28/05/2014, Stephanie Perrin wrote:
>The question is, can we ever come up with basic principles that will 
>be broadly accepted as foundation for the legitimacy of MSm in some 
>type of settings/contexts.

Basically, what you ask is "could we come up with another world 
reality where I would feel better?".

That basically would be a paradise where

>completely stop powerful interests dictating policy to less powerful ones.

>However, I am wondering whether rough consensus is going to be 
>useful or dangerous in this context.

Consensus among what? Since you

>don 't yet see how any system or systemic change

could help.

What about polycracy where common trend emergence results from 
individual systems decisions and influence/conflict adjustments?

This looks as pragmatic and networked MSism to me. The question is 
only bigger vs. smaller virtual systems masters: where is the MS 
participation threshold? In an inter network governance issue, 
non-networks do not weight much/are only being used.

Pedestrians are not much listen to in the HighWays MS Governance 
area. It seemes that their best bet is to include pavements in a 
joint HighWay/Road/Street Governance debate.

M S G 

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