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Dear friends,

this mail from ISOC i have received from P2P Foundation list. I don't 
understand, why we can't read this important statement from ISOC on this 
list. Therefore, i forward this mail.

many greetings, willi
Quito, Ecuador

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fyi -

ISOC board statement concerning the NETmundial Initiative (

At the conclusion of its meeting in Honolulu, the Internet Society Board 
of Trustees issued the following statement:



[Honolulu, Hawaii, USA] – 16 November 2014  – The Internet Society 
Board of Trustees today issued the following statement:

Recently, the “I* Group” [1] was invited to participate in the 
NETmundial Initiative, which is different from the one-time NETmundial 
meeting in which we participated in April 2014; we endorsed the outcomes 
of that meeting. This new and different NETmundial Initiative has been 
organized by the partnership of the Brazilian Internet Steering 
Committee, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers 
(ICANN), and the World Economic Forum (WEF) [2]. This announcement has 
resulted in considerable discussion and concern amongst various 
stakeholders regarding the purpose, scope, and
nature of the proposed activity or organization.

The Internet Society Board discussed this proposed NETmundial Initiative 
in depth during its meeting November 15 – 16, 2014. As a result, the 
Internet Society Board first emphasizes that the main priority facing 
the Internet community right now is the IANA Functions’ Stewardship 
Transition and recommends that all organizations in the Internet 
community should be highly focused on effectuating a successful 
transition.  The Internet Society remains fully committed to the 
September 2015 milestone set for completing a plan that will meet the 
criteria set by U.S. National Telecommunications & Information 
Administration (NTIA).

With respect to the need for new groups, such as the NETmundial 
Initiative and its Coordination Council, the Internet Society Board 
reiterates that the Internet Society’s longstanding position is that 
there is no single, global platform that can serve to coordinate, 
organize or govern all the Internet issues that may arise. At its heart, 
the Internet is a decentralized, loosely coupled, distributed system 
that allows policies to be defined by those who require them for their 
operations and that ensures that issues can be resolved at a level 
closest to their origin. The ecosystem draws its strength from the 
involvement of a broad range of actors working through open, 
transparent, and collaborative processes to innovate and build the 
network of networks that is the cornerstone of the global economy.[3]

Based on the information that we have to date, the Internet Society 
cannot agree to participate in or endorse the Coordination Council for 
the NETmundial Initiative. We are concerned that the way in which the
NETmundial Initiative is being formed does not appear to be consistent 
with the Internet Society’s longstanding principles, including:
-       Bottom-up orientation
-       Decentralized
-       Open
-       Transparent
-       Accountable
-       Multi-stakeholder

The Board has asked the Internet Society’s CEO, Kathryn Brown, to 
convene a dialogue within the Internet Society community. This includes 
Internet Society Chapters from around the world, Internet Society 
organization members, the IETF, the IAB, partners from the Internet 
technical community, and others. The dialogue should consider whether 
any new initiatives or groups are needed at the current time and, if so, 
to define the objectives for any such effort.

In addition, Bob Hinden, Chairman of the Internet Society Board of 
Trustees has initiated a dialogue with the Chairman of the ICANN Board, 
given ICANN’s leading involvement in the NETmundial Initiative.

The Internet Society remains committed to a vision of the Internet that 
is open, inclusive, decentralized and for the benefit of all people 
throughout the world.


[1]  The I* Group encompasses the Internet Society, IETF, IAB, World 
Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), ICANN, 
and the regional Top Level Domain (TLD) organizations.

[2]  https://www.netmundial.org/press-release-1

[3]  The Internet Society’s position from the World Summit on 
Information Society (WSIS) of 2003 and 2005, is “Many issues cannot be 
solved by new, overarching structures at a global level but rather by 
building on today’s open, multi-stakeholder and cooperative 
processes.” And that the community should “…consider whether new 
structures will bring truly measurable, positive change to the 
functioning, stability, security and openness of the Internet.” 

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