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Dear colleagues, 

As both an  IGF MAG member and a member of the ICANN CCWG-IG, I wanted to note  the upcoming IGF Open Consultation and remind colleagues to plan to attend in person, if you are in Geneva, Switzerland, and if not, to join us via remote participation.   December 1-3, 2015, hosted at the ITU Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.  The IGF Website is www.intgovforum.org.

As most on this list are veterans, feel free to skip the information provided below, which is intended as an overview for any newcomers.

As an overview, this is the kick off session, which opens with taking stock of 2014, lessons learned and launches the planning process for IGF2015.   The first day allows us to glean any tips and improvements that deserve to be shared more broadly, or even incorporated into future host country expectations, or into MAG expectations. For instance, during last year's initial session, MAG members agreed by consensus to limit the role of the MAG members in submitting and designing workshops, as they are the evaluators of the workshops proposed, and to limit the number of speaking roles for MAG members, so that they can focus on recruitment of speakers, coaching, and supporting roles.  Those are examples of 'lessons learned' from past taking stock discussions.  Once we conclude discussing program issues and feedback about the program the MAG designed and approved for 2014, as well as organizational issues, we move into planning for 2015, including brainstorming themes, sub themes, discussion of program design, workshops, other sessions, etc. 

The information about the IGF Open Consultation and MAG meeting [which is also open to all interested participants] on the site will help you to prepare for the consultation, if you are new to this process. Many on this list are very experienced, and may also have suggestions to share on these two lists. 

If this is your first engagement with the IGF planning process: 
Some essentially useful background documents include the following, all of which are on the website:

-Chair's Report
-Individual contributions [18 were received] and the Secretariat Summary document
-Initial Participant List
-List of 2015 MAG [this is the MAG just announced by the UN Secretary General].
[Note, the usual term of MAG members is 3 years, with a rotation of approximately 1/3 of the MAG each year]  

This meeting includes outgoing MAG members and incoming MAG members.  You may see a number of names you recognize from 1NET discuss or CCWG-IG, but you will also find that there are a lot of new names and new faces in the MAG.  The MAG 2015 had a very high number of rotations and incoming members, with a significant expansion in the number of female members appointed, and a growth in the number of participants from developing countries and emerging economies, from all stakeholder groups.  

The three days will be fast paced, and highly interactive. Fortunately, the IGF Secretariat provides not only remote access but also transcripts for the sessions, which are posted very rapidly. So, if you cannot join a particular session due to time constraints [or time zone constraints], you can quickly scan the transcript and 'catch up'.  The Remote Moderators will also provide a mechanism for you to make comments during the meetings. 

Needless to say, there are a lot of activities of relevance and implication for the IGF 2015 planning process, including NETmundial itself, held in April, 2014; the UNESCO meeting in early March; the Cyber Event, to be hosted by the Netherlands in April, as well as NETmundial, and the WuZhen Summit are all undoubtedly of interest to consider for their contribution to Internet policy and governance discussions.  The CSTD Intercessional which takes place November 26-28; UNGA considerations of the ICT4D Resolution, the recently concluded ITU Plenipot [just concluded in Busan].  And of recent interest, the WuZhen Summit, just ending in WuZhen, China.  

It is important to remember that Internet Governance, and the purpose of the IGF is far beyond addressing ICANN, which is only one example of IG at work; nevertheless, the  discussions about ICANN's role, and activities are of ongoing interest and relevance, and will be part of the discussions at the IGF planning sessions; such as the work underway on the IANA transition; the development of Accountability mechanisms at ICANN.  Other discussions about the "NETMundial Initiative" and the related WEF activities planned for January, and how these activities support and enhance and strengthen the IGF should also be expected to be discussed. 

As we begin the process of planning the IGF2015, hosted in Brazil, views and perspectives  about such activities and events are part of the ecosystem landscape that can contribute to help to inform the program development, while recognizing that the purpose of the IGF is still guided by the Tunis Agenda, which led to its creation by the UN Secretary General.  And that we have a lot of work to do at the IGF. 

Finally, there will be an update on the financial status of the IGF Trust Fund, and an update from the newly launched IGF Support Association [IGFSA], which was catalyzed by ISOC in 2014, launched during the IGF2014, in Istanbul, and is launching fund raising to support strengthening and supporting the IGF Secretariat and critical activities, described on the IGFSA website, at IGFSA,org. Others on these lists engaged in the Executive Committee include Avri Doria, Cheryl Miller, Raul Echeberria, Tarek Kamel, Edmon Chung, plus others.  The Secretary to the IGFSA is Markus Kummer, a name well known to all of us! 

As we are  only  a week away -- IGF Open Consultation and MAG meeting - Dec 1-3,   I hope to see [or hear] many of those on these lists and look forward to your active contributions in the planning process for IGF2015.

I welcome hearing from any colleagues regarding your perspectives, or suggestions.

Marilyn Cade

Note, this is written on my ipad, so apologies for formatting, and spelling errors. 
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