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Thanks Paul. Further links courtesy of the ITU Press Release and have
deleted the irrelevant bits:

*Important Note: This Advisory is a shortened version of the Full Media
Release by *

ITU's Plenipotentiary - so-called because of the full international
treaty-making power accorded the heads of participating government
delegations - is the world's largest meeting of international policy makers
from the information and communication (ICT) sector.

*Download photos*: www.itu.int/pp14/photos

*View videos*: www.itu.int/pp14/videos

*Get social*: www.int/int/pp14/social

*Watch webcast*: www.itu.int/pp14/webcast

*Follow the daily agenda/time plan*: www.itu.int/en/plenipotentiary/2014/

*Read backgrounders on conference topics*:

*PP-14 app*: http://newslog.itu.int/archives/652

Find more information on the *PP-14 Newsroom*

Known informally as PP-14, this year's conference welcomes participants
from some 175 ITU Member States, Sector Members and observer organizations,
including over 104 Ministers, 35 Deputy Ministers, and 67 ambassadors.

It is held every four years to set the strategic direction of ITU and to
develop policies and recommendations that address the evolving needs of the
Union's members.

Issues on this year's agenda include digital inclusion and broadband
rollout, broader international cooperation on ICT development, and new
strategies to encourage membership and strengthen multi-stakeholder
participation. For the first time, the conference will also try to reach
international agreement on establishment of new global ICT development
goals and targets under a new framework called 'Connect 2020'.

*Agenda & Elections*

One of the principal tasks of PP-14 will be to determine ITU's Strategic
Plan for 2016-2020 and the Financial Plan for the same period, which will
provide the resources needed to meet the goals and deliverables mandated by

Later in its first week, the conference will *elect the Union's five top
<http://www.itu.int/en/plenipotentiary/2014/pages/elections.aspx> - the
Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General, and the Directors of the
Radiocommunication, Telecommunication Standardization and Telecommunication
Development Bureau - as well as other governing bodies of the Union, the
ITU Council and Radio Regulations Board.

Current Deputy-Secretary-General Houlin Zhao, a Chinese national and
respected telecoms engineer with over 30 years' experience in the
international environment, will be confirmed as ITU's next

Five candidates are contesting the post of Deputy Secretary-General, and
three candidates are contesting the post of Director of ITU's
Telecommunication Standardization Bureau. The current incumbent Directors
of both the Radiocommunication Bureau and the Telecommunication Development
Bureau are running unopposed for a second term of office.

There are 20 candidates for the 12 seats on the Radio Regulations Board,
and 60 candidate countries for the 48 seats on ITU Council, the governing
body which oversees the running of the Union in between quadrennial
Plenipotentiary Conferences.

The *elections*
begin on the morning of 23 October.

For a *full list of candidates*
<http://www.itu.int/en/plenipotentiary/2014/Pages/candidates.aspx> and
profiles, see


*Special Events*

To complement the PP-14 discussions, host country the Republic of Korea is
also planning an extensive programme of tech-focused side events for
delegates and media, including a 5G forum, an exhibition of accessibility
technology to aid persons with disabilities, an e-health exhibition, an
expo on cloud computing and another on Big Data, and Korea's annual Science
& Creativity Festival.

In addition, this year's conference will also include a number of
ITU-organized side events and programmes, including the gender-focused
GEM-TECH Awards recognizing outstanding work in promoting gender equality
using ICTs, five topical *Connect 2020 side event sessions*
featuring debates between experts from government and industry, the launch
of ITU's 150th anniversary celebrations, and a *Young ICT Policy Leaders
programme* <http://www.itu.int/en/plenipotentiary/2014/Pages/yipl.aspx>.

The ITU side event schedule kicks off with the *GEM-TECH Awards*
<http://www.itu.int/en/action/women/gem/Pages/award.aspx> on 28 October at
9:30am KST, which will recognize seven winning projects and role models
from around the world, as well as conferring five special Global Achiever
Awards. A full list of finalists can be found here
<http://www.itu.int/en/action/women/gem/Pages/finalists.aspx>. The award
ceremony will be followed by a lunchtime High-Level Dialogue from
13:00-14:00 KST around the topic of "Gender and ICTs: Why gender equality
matters and where do we stand today?". Confirmed panellists include H.E.
Omobola Johnson, Minister of Communications, Nigeria; Engida Getachew,
Deputy Director-General, UNESCO; Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto, US Permanent
Representative to UN in Geneva; and leading international gender advocates
from private industry and civil society. The day-long gender theme will
culminate in an invitation-only GEM-TECH Gala Dinner at Busan's prestigious
APEC Nurimaru House.

Beginning the following day, *ITU's Connect 2020 Roundtable programme*
comprises a series of topical discussions with high-level panellists around
the key themes of the ITU Strategic Plan - growth, inclusion,
sustainability, innovation and monitoring:

-      *29 October, 13:00-14:00* - Which technologies will connect the next
1.5 billion users?

-      *30 October, 13:00-14:00* - Achieving full digital inclusion:
feasible by 2020?

-      *31 October, 13:00-14:00 *- Ensuring the long-term benefits of
development: Managing growth in a sustainable way

-      *3 November, 13:00-14:00* - Addressing the emerging innovation
challenges in ICT-enabled markets

-      *4 November, 13:00-14:00* - Building a robust monitoring framework
for the global ICT agenda

To celebrate 150 years since its founding in Paris in 1865, ITU will also
use PP-14 to officially launch its 'ITU150' campaign, with presentations on
ITU's plans to celebrate its anniversary from January, along with a preview
of the programme of national celebrations planned by ITU's global

Finally, ITU's Young ICT Policy Leaders (YIPL) programme - another
innovation for an ITU Plenipotentiary Conference - aims to develop the
policy making skills of tomorrow's ICT professionals through a series of
informal 'Meet the Leader' sessions with experienced PP delegates and
private sector experts. Each national delegation at PP-14 has been invited
to nominate two young members of their delegation (aged under 35) to
participate in the programme, and the City of Busan is also funding
participation of 35 delegates from Least Developed Countries, to ensure
maximum global inclusion.

*All side-event debates will be webcast - follow the discussions remotely *
*here* <http://www.itu.int/en/plenipotentiary/2014/Pages/webcast-se.aspx>.

*Follow @ITU and the hashtag #Plenipot14 for the latest updates. Go to *
*http://www.itu.int/pp14/social* <http://www.itu.int/pp14/social>* social
media channels.*

*Download images from the conference at **www.itu.int/pp14/photos*

*View video material from the conference at **www.itu.int/pp14/videos*

*Broadcast media can download HD video from the PP-14 virtual video
newsroom at: **http://www.itu.int/en/videos/Pages/default.aspx*

*Follow the conference by webcast at **www.itu.int/pp14/webcast*

A wide range of background materials are available from the PP-14 Newsroom

*Access the PP-14 Special Edition of ITU's bimonthly magazine, ITU News, *
*here* <https://itunews.itu.int/en/>*. *

*Information about ITU's previous Plenipotentiary Conference, PP-10, can be
found on the **PP-10 Newsroom*
<http://www.itu.int/plenipotentiary/2010/newsroom/>*. *

On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 3:07 PM, Paul Wilson <pwilson at apnic.net> wrote:

> Friends,
> You are probably aware that the ITU's 2014 plenipotentiary conference
> started yesterday, and will run for the next 3 weeks.
> The event webcast is available here:
>    https://www.itu.int/en/plenipotentiary/2014/Pages/webcast.aspx
> and please note the links to real time captioning services on this page.
> For twitter, the "official" hashtag is #Plenipot14
> If anyone is aware of useful reports or commentaries on the meeting as it
> goes on, hope you will share them here.
> All the best
> Paul.
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