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On Sep 2, 2014, at 11:28 AM, Jordan Carter <jordan at internetnz.net.nz> wrote:

> On Tuesday, 2 September 2014, Brian E Carpenter <brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com> wrote:
> Jordan,
> ...
> What is preventing you from creating an independent forum?
> (I am not being rhetorical, it's a genuine question.)
> If an independent forum existed, it could negotiate with
> ICANN as others have done.
> I agree that is an option, but the problem I see with it relates to the fact that ICANN already gathers all the key players with an interest in ccTLD matters (which is a broader set than those that make policy on these, per se): governments, ccTLD operators, users, registrars to some degree. 

Jordan - 

I will observe that the "Address Supporting Organization" is a component of the ICANN ecosystem, 
but is in fact an independent organization (the Number Resource Organization).   "The NRO shall 
fulfill the role, responsibilities and functions of the ASO as defined within the ICANN Bylaws ..."

This serves as clear proof of concept that you can establish an independent forum, with its own
secretariat and financials, and still serve as a fully functional component of the ICANN system.

> It would seem unlikely that you'd be able to get buy-in for "another ICANN" to be created. 

See above - organizing an independent DNS supporting organization is not "another ICANN";
it would simply provide organizational/structural independence while still serving within the
ICANN framework.

I have no idea if such an approach would actually be prudent at this point; that is something
that should be considered by folks in the relevant community.  It is fairly clear, however, that 
having a distinct identity would quickly lead to clarity in roles...


Disclaimer: my views alone.

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