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> On Sep 2, 2014, at 8:18 PM, Burr, Becky <Becky.Burr at neustar.biz> wrote:
>> I don¹t think what I said is inconsistent with a variety of structural
>> arrangements.  And by IANA ³users² I mean registries, RIRs, IETF, etc.,
>> not individual Internet users.   ...
> Becky - 
> Thanks for that clarification - the misunderstanding was entirely mine.
> I also believe that "ICANN must be accountable to the ICANN community 
> and to others materially harmed by its actions that are not consistent 
> with a set of baseline, agreed upon behaviors (set out in a compact, 
> for example, reflecting core values and principles of non-discrimination, 
> due process"  I believe this can be best accomplished by clearly defining
> _what_ ICANN should be doing and _why_ it is doing it.
> ICANN is supposed to be coordinating the global Internet's systems of 
> unique identifiers, and this involves two primary tasks: recognition
> and facilitation of the bodies which do policy development for names 
> and numbers, and execution (as the IANA operator) of the resulting 
> policy.  Each of these tasks needs clearly defined accountability,
> i.e. what is being done, for whom, by what principles and via what
> agreements.
> Indeed, if the DNS community were to have a clear and independent identity,
> then IANA accountability could be well-defined to be to the DNS community 
> (via said body), the RIRs via the ASO, and the IETF.  My personal preference 
> is that all of these policy development bodies would have some formal agreement  
> with ICANN for ICANN to perform IANA registry administration services on their
> behalf, including faithful adherence to adopted policies with a defined service 
> levels, etc.  These "IANA accountability items" should be fairly clerical in 
> nature; one can refer to the various IETF/ICANN IANA supplemental agreements 
> for examples of reporting, escalation, and publication requirements.
> Your accountability to "core values and principles" (such as those contained 
> in ICANN's bylaws) are more likely to applicable to the policy development 
> process itself, for example, the requirement that ICANN (and therefore any
> bodies so charged with primary policy development responsibilities) use
> "open and transparent policy development mechanisms that (i) promote well-
> informed decisions based on expert advice, and (ii) ensure that those 
> entities most affected can assist in the policy development process."
> An organized DNS community could enter into an agreement with ICANN to be
> recognized as the appropriate body for primary policy development, to adhere
> to these core values and principles in policy development, and with ICANN 
> agreeing to ratify resulting global DNS policy developed in accordance
> with such core values.
> This is not much different that how things work today, only that it would be 
> based on an agreement between the DNS community and ICANN (in ICANN's role as 
> overall coordinator of global Internet's systems of unique identifiers) as 
> opposed to the DNS community being defined entirely as a structure of the 
> ICANN corporation.
> FYI,
> /John
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