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Hello all,

i give full supoort on this wonderfull initiative. According my agenda, I
trust to all contribution and will be ready to sign final document.

2014-09-01 16:46 GMT+02:00 Jeanette Hofmann <jeanette at wzb.eu>:

> Hi all,
> Stephanie Perrin and I have drafted a statement that asks the UN Secretary
> to consider renewing the mandate of the IGF on a permanent basis.
> About 90% of the text are quotes from UN documents referring to the IGF
> and from the NetMundial Statement.
> Our draft is intended to reflect the views of all stakeholders and perhaps
> get a broad endorsement at the end of the IGF.
> Right now, it is just a draft. Changes are welcome.
> We have set up a pad for editing:
> https://etherpad.mozilla.org/LQO468JD1K
> For convenience we also paste the text into this email below.
> The goal is to complete the editing before the end of the IGF.
> Stephanie and Jeanette
> Request for consideration to the UN Secretary General on permanence of the
> In 2005, the UN Member states asked the UN Secretary-General in the Tunis
> Agenda, to convene a meeting of the new forum for multi-stakeholder policy
> dialogue—called the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). (Footnote: paragraph
> 72, Tunis Agenda)
> The mandate of the Forum was to discuss public policy issues relating to
> key elements of Internet governance, such as those enumerated in
> the Tunis Agenda, in order to foster the sustainability, robustness,
> security, stability and development of the Internet in developed and
> developing countries. The Forum was not to replace existing arrangements,
> mechanisms, institutions or organizations. It was intended to constitute a
> neutral, non-duplicative and non-binding process, and have no involvement
> in day-to-day or technical operations of the Internet.
> The Tunis Agenda also asked the UN Secretary-General to examine the
> desirability of the continuation of the Forum, in formal consultation with
> Forum participants, within five years of its creation, and to make
> recommendations to the UN Membership in this regard. At its sixty-fifth
> session, the General Assembly decided to extend the mandate of the IGF,
> underlining the need to improve the IGF “with a view to linking it to the
> broader dialogue on global Internet governance”.
> In his note on the continuation of the Internet Governance Forum, the UN
> Secretary General confirmed that the IGF was unique and valuable. It is a
> place where Governments, civil society, the private sector and
> international organizations discuss important questions of economic and
> social development. They share their insights and achievements and build a
> common understanding of the Internet’s great potential.
> The Secretary-General recommended that
> (a) That the mandate of the Internet Governance Forum be extended for a
> further five years;
> (b) That the desirability of continuation be considered again by Member
> States within the context of a 10-year review of implementation of the
> outcome of the World Summit on the Information Society in 2015;
> Footnote: (General Assembly, Sixty-fifth session, Item 17 of the
> preliminary list*,  Information and communications technologies for
> development, Economic and Social Council, Substantive session of 2010 New
> York, 28 June-23 July 2010, Agenda item 13 (b)**)
> The NetMundial Meeting, convened by the Government of Brazil, stated in
> the NetMundial Multistakeholder Statement on April 24th, 2014, that there
> is a need for a strengthened Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Important
> recommendations to that end had already been made by the UN CSTD working
> group on IGF improvements. The NetMundial Statement also stated that “a
> strengthened IGF could better serve as a platform for discussing both long
> standing and emerging issues with a view to contributing to the
> identification of possible ways to address them.”
> Given the significance of the Internet Governance Forum for the continuing
> development of Internet governance, we request the UN Secretary General to
> establish the IGF as a permanent multistakeholder forum.  We also request
> that the UN Secretary General work with the IGF and its stakeholders to
> strengthen its structure and processes.
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