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On 4 Sep 2014 12:42, "John Curran" <jcurran at istaff.org> wrote:
>> That cultural failure leads to the sorts of staff and Board decisions
that have eroded trust between ICANN-the-organisation and the ICANN
> Again, you are referring to decisions that are being made within _ICANN_,
and hence are
> unaffected by any move of the IANA external to ICANN (particularly if
ICANN is the one who
> contracts with the IANA operator for the DNS IANA registry maintenance,
as you propose
> above...)
+1 to this for all it's worth; Where the database really stays doesn't
matter much to me. How the database update scripts are developed is what
matters most to me and that is largely related to the policies used by IANA
So there are just 2 main ICANN accountability area:

- The  management of ICANN as an organisation which generally includes it's
leadership representation, role and deliverables. (I don't care about
coca-cola, I care about the formula that produces the drink I ingest.)

- The other is ICANN as an IANA operator.

While I may be less concerned about the first. I am 100% concerned about
the second as a community member who rely on the information in IANA
database. So for me, I will like to see that the script ICANN uses to carry
out IANA operation is developed by me (as the community) and that way, I am
accountable as a community member.

So I wonder why it becomes a huge puzzle to make the community developed
policies an absolute script source for IANA operation. As this is already
practiced in the numbers world (and ofcourse not by paying members)


> I actually don't know if moving the IANA outside of ICANN is a good idea
or not; there are
> certain stability issues that weigh heavily, but we also have existence
proof that such teams
> can be transitioned from their parent organizations successfully.  My
main point is that moving
> IANA (or not) doesn't actually have any meaningful impact on the ICANN
accountability, which
> appears (from those on the sidelines such as myself) to be the DNS
communities principal
> source of angst.
> FYI,
> /John
> Disclaimer: my views alone.
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