[discuss] [ianatransition] Fwd: [IP] WSJ: The Internet Power Vacuum Worsens

Nigel Roberts nigel at roberts.co.uk
Mon Sep 8 17:38:23 UTC 2014

 > As Jon Postel said way back in 1591, governments do matter.

Firstly, of course, governments matter. That's why (nearly) all 
countries have them.

But as someone who has dissected RFC 1591 and construed nearly every dot 
and comma, both as part of the Delegation and Redelegation and 
Interpretation WGs, and for a number of years privately, this statement 
surprised me.

I have to ask . . .  WHERE?

As in WHERE, in RFC 1591 are governments EVER mentioned, please?


PS:  It seems to me there are only four occurrences of the word government.
(They occur only in the definitions of .GOV and .US!).

The word "non-government" also appears. (That's in the definition of .ORG).

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