[discuss] [IANAxfer] [ccnso-igrg] Two accountability questions - help pls- Workshop 23 - ICANN accountability

willi uebelherr willi.uebelherr at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 00:50:17 UTC 2014

Am 10/09/2014 um 11:28 schrieb John Curran:
> On Sep 10, 2014, at 12:10 PM, FSP4NET <alliance at fsp4.net> wrote:
>> John,
>> We have just discussed your message in a MYCANN Skype meeting. It seems that we have framework agreement with you, however with a simple and clearly identified disagreement concerning our different perspectives. This should help in clearly identifying the issues at stake.
>     For posts on topics beyond simply "ICANN VGN governance" (as you put it), instead post just
>     to <iucg at ietf.org>  if you expect me to reply, as multiple folks on this discuss at 1net.org list
>     have indicated that your messages are out of scope here...
> Thanks!
> /John

Dear John,

this is a very stupid argumentation. Never we exclude any person with 
interest for the discussion about our free communication system. Never 
we use personal aversions a basis for our discussions.

You can have it, many people on this list have it to different persons. 
But never we accept this type of exclusion, what you want to celebrate 
here. It is not your private maillist. This is a open maillist. Think 
about and remember.

many greeting to all, willi
Esperanza, Ibarra, Ecuador

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