[discuss] Call for inputs into NMI Terms of Reference

Ian Peter ian.peter at ianpeter.com
Tue Feb 3 22:51:07 UTC 2015

Just to let you know that the NetMundial Initiative have started a call for public inputs into defining its Terms of Reference. 

“To get the consultation process under way, all interested parties are invited to provide input on a set of questions relating to the Initiative’s purpose, scope and organization. These non-exhaustive questions seek to capture the broadest possible range of views and ideas. The input collected during this initial phase (from 2-16 February 2015) will help inform the first draft of the Terms of Reference. The draft document will then be made available for public comment and further discussion from 2-16 March 2015. The Council will discuss the adoption of the document at its first gathering on 31 March 2015. “

Inputs can be made at this link.


Other submissions can also be viewed on line.

Ian Peter
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