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The US has had various models.  San Francisco and Portland Oregon are like
the Eurostyle IXP version and existed before.  Florida is reported to be
the same - FLIX, but new.  And, I am hearing a bit about some movement in
New England.  TBD on that.

Thank you for this report out.

Open-IX is having their first peering meeting in May...

On 3/3/15, 7:11 AM, "Christian de Larrinaga" <cdel at firsthand.net> wrote:

>Keith Mitchell did a clueful update on the Open-IX project at UKNOF 30
>recently. This project offers a much more Eurostyle open capacity to the
>US (not exclusively aimed at the US mind you) which I think could be
>transformative in localising peering opportunities.
>Open-IX: Beyond Year One
>In its first full year of operation, the Open-IX Association has defined
>2 key new open standards for Internet Exchange and Data Centre operators
>to help encourage a more "European like" interconnect ecosystem in North
>America, leading to the OIX certification of more than 20 locations. The
>certification process has recently been opened to interested parties
>This talk will report on Open-IX's model and progress to date, and
>explore its relevance to peering and interconnect in Europe.
>Speaker:	Mr. Keith Mitchell (UKNOF)
>Material:	Presentation Video link} Slides powerpoint file}pdf file}
>Jane Coffin wrote:
>> A new IXP recently was established  in Florida.  Called FLIX.  I
>> understand that Netflix is a member.  Moving content closer to the
>> This IX is likely to help provide more competition.
>> I am also hearing there are more states trying to create more bottom-up
>> exchanges so that smaller ISPs and more content can reach users faster.
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>>> According to this architecture, if Netflix wishes to reduce delivery
>>> delays to a localized subscribers, they should establish data centres
>>> closer to those customers (where "close" is measured in terms of delay
>>> though the Internet).
>> Which very likely means something they already do, which is deploy or
>> contract with CDN providers.
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