[discuss] Net Neutrality in the next Internet

willi uebelherr willi.uebelherr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 20:03:56 UTC 2015

Am 02/03/2015 um 10:25 p.m. schrieb Suresh Ramasubramanian:
> Why do you need cdns? Well, if you want to access say operating system
> updates, your email,  sports scores etc at about the same speed in
> Bolivia as people would be able to in whichever country the cdn was
> hosted.. That's where cdns come in handy.
> Ixp? So isps in your area can exchange local traffic and keep it local,
> so mutually ensuring fast access for each other's customers to sites
> they host. Save on expensive international bandwidth too.
> As for why you need isps, I do hope you want to connect to the Internet.
> You need an isp for that, you know.
> Next question please?

Hello Suresh (from governance list),

you should really read the emails. Then you understand my answer. We 
don't need this stupid constructions. We need the InterNet, "the 
interconnection of local networks".

But this private networks, that are connected in IXP?s, with the private 
resource dealers, the ISP's, the private "Content Delivery Networks", a 
group of parasitic mafia, all this we don't need.

We need the InterNet.

many greetings, willi
La Paz, Bolivia

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