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Dear friends.

1) I do not understand, why parminder append the texts and do not write
the link. He do not understand the principles of text-exchange in our
digital communication.

Call For ISF
Tunis Resolution

2) Parminder wrote:
"As many of you will know Internet Social Forum is a thematic forum of
the World Social Forum..."

Never this group can create a thematic forum of the World Social Forum
for Internet. With this censors and autocrats like Norbert Bollow,
Richard Hill and Michael Gurstein never we can create a World Internet
Forum as a thematic forum of the WSF(FSM). It is a group of selfish
oriented people, they support the Internet Governance. They support the
centralized controll of the Internet. They speak about self organizing,
but never they like it. And never they want accept it.

We have to be clear, that the World Social Forum is a forum of the
people in our world, on our planet. And not only the people from Europe
or North America. Therefore, a World Internet Forum can only arise based 
on the people on our planet, based on equality, based on an open and 
free discussion. And not in this "clandestino" form like the ISF
(Internet Social Forum).

For our free InterNet, the free Interconnection of local Networks, based 
on the local/regional self organized creation of this transport system 
for digital data in packet form, we need the open space for our
philosophical and technical design principles. It have to be a process
in our space of free technology. Free to participate, free to use for
all people on our planet. Then, and only then, the people local can
create his part of the global digital interconnection for all people.
Free and gratis.

many greetings, willi
Coro, Venezuela

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Betreff: [governance] The Internet Social Forum initiative
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There will be a brief presentation at the IGF of the Internet Social
Forum initiative, and taking of questions and inputs, in an half an hour
session on Friday the 13th in workshop room 2 at 2 PM.

As many of you will know Internet Social Forum is a thematic forum of
the World Social Forum, It is planned to be held sometime late 2016.

All are invited to come.


PS: Enclosed the initial call for an ISF, and the 'Tunis Call for a
People's Internet' adopted at a workshop on the ISF initiative at the
Worls Social Forum in Tunis is March 2015

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