[discuss] The decentralization of IP addresses

willi uebelherr willi.uebelherr at riseup.net
Sat Nov 28 17:23:05 UTC 2015

Dear Paul,

many thanks for your reference. For your constructive participation in 
this discussion.

But i think, there are some basic differences.

1) An ISP oriented network is impossible. ISP's are only traders of 
transportcapacity. And no more. We do not need this parasitic space.

2) I speak about geografical addresses. You wrote:
"In the early days of IP address management, until some time in the 
early 1990s, it was commonly assumed that the Internet's geography would 
follow that of the physical world. In some cases, large address blocks 
were set aside for entire countries...". But this is a very different 
thing. You speak about virtual address number blocks, that are oriented 
to any region.

3) you wrote:
"Since their establishment, the RIRs have become the sole mechanism for 
distribution of IP address space to their users, namely ISPs and network 
providers, throughout the world. ..."

You have a big confusion. The organisation, her name and identity, can 
never be the basic for our analysis. We have to look, what they do.

We never need any form of address/name management, if we use a real 
physical object. And this is strong compatible with the needs for our 
telecommunication. People, real existing subjects, act. And not any 
virtual instances.

4) You use often the term network. A net is a very well defined 
geometrical structure. It is a recursive geometrical structure, where 
every nodes, that are part in this connection structure, create the 
connection to his neighbours. And only then, if the nodes do that, we 
have a net.

In this time, the Net structure do not exist in the telecommunication. 
Independent of your attempt to explain the virtual action space of the 
telecommunication systems to the reality. In the telecommunication we 
have only bus and star topologies.

many greetings, willi
Coro, Venezuela

Am 28/11/2015 um 08:51 a.m. schrieb Paul Wilson:
> For reference, here’s an article on this topic, written 10 years ago in
> response to an ITU proposal for geographic/nationalised management of
> IPv6 address space.
> http://www.circleid.com/posts/the_geography_of_internet_addressing
> Paul.
> On 27 Nov 2015, at 6:49, willi uebelherr wrote:
>> The decentralization of IP addresses.
>> ...

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