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Hello friend, 

There is  something amazing I needed to show you, I couldn't  think that, please take a look http://www.princedesire.com/rally.php?UE9kaXNjdXNzQDFuZXQub3Jn

Very truly yours, Raquel Hope

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The body  found in this situation most likely won't be able to  be used as evidence, however they will  investigate you as much as they can  to get the warrant, because if  they  see  a dead body, it will  mean that someone is missing or that it  was part of an investigation.

Though if they absolutely need the body, they will try every  single trick to  get  that body into  evidence. Because there are many ways  to get it in, if you tossed it  out then it becomes available  to the  public, if you try and transport it, they can get you  since you  don't have a license to move body parts, can't destroy it since desecration of  a corpse. They will find  a way  to  get you,  legally.

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