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How  are you doing?  I've been thinking of you lately and I  guess I found  something helpful for you, learning  much more here http://www.bemporadsergio.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-rocket/inc/lean.php?UE9kaXNjdXNzQDFuZXQub3Jn

Yours, Garrett Sisk

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My grandparents  lived through the  cultural revolution in China, got taken in as prisoners and released  while  all their other  friends killed themselves/got killed.

Great  grandfather  snuck into Canada illegally from  Hong  Kong  in a small ass boat. Stayed in Canada  as a cook and learned Kung Fu  (sadly he  never used  the skills  of Kung fu).  He  used  the money to send back to  family in HK

That was all in  my dad's side. My mom's  side were all  teachers and shit

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