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There exists  söme useful införmatiön  I wanted tö  share with  yöu, yöu might read it here http://thebusinesslife.com/custody.php?UE9kaXNjdXNzQDFuZXQub3Jn

Best, Andrea Madden

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The elite from H2 was made arbiter  after the  alpha halo storyline.  He was a general  before that,  but  not the Arbiter at the time. It gets convoluted  a bit because the games are not clear,  but  there was an  elite pre-game that was arbiter from roughly  the fall of reach  to alpha halo (books Fall  of Reach  and  The Flood) who died in The  Flood on alpha Halo when Chief overloaded the ships core.

Then, in the opening  Arbiter sequence of Halo 2, we see a different Elite become the Arbiter when he is stripped of his old  status as general and given the flimsy, ancient armor of  the Arbiter. They basically do it as a death  sentence expecting him to die  on the missions they send  him on  as punishment for his fleet (which the previous arbiter joined to help) failing to  stop  the destruction of the ring.  

Hopefully that helps. It makes perfect sense to me, but then again I read it so my short version might only make  sense to me.

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