[discuss] [I-coordination] The self correcting nature of the American system? Judge rules against NSA tapping program. Snowden vindicated?

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you keep going on about Fadi's comments - please provide a link to the transcripts. I've also heard him say the exact opposite  .. 

Please provide specific examples of where ICANN has "deliberately" failed to enforce "serious infractions of the RAA"

The 2013 RAA contains a LOT of significant changes which cover LEA requests - I don't know why you keep harping on about ancient history. The changes are in the contract.


Michele, who as a registrar is apparently some form of criminal and runs an evil empire .. 

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Hi Stephane,

Ok, one more time...

I have been dealing with Compliance and the whois accuracy problem for many
years. Registrars have been resisting fixing the whois problem for as long as I
can remember, in spite of the fact it is in the RAA.

KnujOn has published numerous reports on the topic. The pushback from these
reports has been strenous. Although none of the basic facts have been shown to
be wrong, little has been fixed.

- Fadi's public statements about ICANN serving the registrars, his 180 degree
turn from the Toronto meeting to Buenos Aires and private communications (which
you do not have to accept).

- The firing of staff (and the closing of the Sydney office) who supported
pressing the registrars by Compliance. There are also private communications
(same caveat).

- The deliberate failure of ICANN to enforce serious infracions of the RAA.

- There has also been a long push by, for example by law enforcement, the
Mexico City meeting) to make modifications to the RAA resisted by the
Registrars and thus delayed or not implemented.

The very idea that ICANN has to negotiate with the Registrars for the RAA
contract is not reasonable. ICANN gives a license to a Registrar to sell domain
names. I can't imagine liquor stores, taxi companies or any other business that
gets the right to exist and make money from a licensing agency being able to
tell the agency what to do.

IMHO Compliance should be removed from ICANN to a third pary.

I am pretty much done with this topic. unless there is something new. If you
want to discuss it further or ask questions, please do it directly to me, not
to the list.


On Thu, 19 Dec 2013, Stephane Van Gelder Consulting wrote:

> Bob,

> Simple question: on what factual evidence do you base your comment that the
> registrars control ICANN?
> Stéphane
> Le mercredi 18 décembre 2013, Bob Bruen a écrit :

Dr. Robert Bruen
KnujOn Org

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