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And here I thought the Civil Society nominating process was a relative model of democratic and inclusive ideals….

Greg Shatan

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Adiel and all,

I don't know what process you went through to do this selection but you should be aware that the process undertaken by  "Civil Society" in the selection of their nominees was so flawed as to render any nomination from the "Civil Society" grouping as illegitimate.

The CS "Nominating Committee" was self-selected within the extremely limited set of civil society organizations currently active in the Internet Governance space (many of which have little or no actual membership or visible networking into the broader global Civil Society community).

In the process of constituting their "Nominating Committee" there was no attempt to reach out to additional organizations with interests or activities in the broad IG area but which were not directly active in the very limited existing CS IG spaces.  Where groupings such as the Community Informatics network*, of which I am a part indicated an interest in participation in the Nominating Committee and or of being nominated we were rebuffed without appropriate explanation, appeal or an indication that due transparent and accountable processes had been undertaken.

It is notable that all of the nominees from this self-selected nominating group are senior actors in the groups which self-constituted themselves as the nominating group and no others--a process of self-dealing, startling in its audacity if nothing else.

As I've mentioned before on this list and to the Civil Society grouping, the Community Informatics community consists of a large number of practitioners, academics, researchers, and technical and policy activists, concerned with community based and grassroots users and NON-Users of the Internet including marginalized communities in Developed and Developing Countries, indigenous peoples, older persons, those with disabilities among others and thus look to provide an opportunity for “voice” for a very very significant constituency  of those who are either under-represented or not represented at all in current IG discussions.

I would strongly suggest that you reconsider your decision in this matter, go back to the "CS" "nominating committee" and insist that they conduct an appropriate, transparent, and accountable process inclusive of ALL those in Civil Society with an active interest and “stake” in Internet Governance matters.

In the absence of this, unfortunately your process itself will be equally contaminated as was the "CS" process and the outcome of your activities will be equally unrepresentative of those globally who are impacted by and thus “stakeholders” in the Internet.



*The Community Informatics community--the larger Community Informatics community<http://vancouvercommunity.net/lists/info/ciresearchers> (consisting of both the general email list and specialized lists for Canada<http://vancouvercommunity.net/lists/info/cracin-canada>, Southern Africa<http://vancouvercommunity.net/lists/info/ci-research-sa>, Older Persons,<http://vancouvercommunity.net/lists/info/ci-for-older-persons> and Indigenous peoples<mailto:ci-indigenous at lists.knet.ca> as well as the Editorial Board of the Journal of Community Informatics<http://ci-journal.net/index.php/ciej/about/editorialTeam>

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Dear colleagues,

At the end of the deadline for receiving names for the Coordination/Steering committee (many wrote to tell me that they prefer it to be a coordination committee instead of a steering one  - Personally I don't mind as the most important for me is to have a multi-interest/stakeholder group that will help us in shaping the discussions and the campaign along with creating a sustainable bridge with every parties and interest group).

The following names were submitted:

** from Business:

1. Aparna Sridhar, Telecom Policy Counsel, Google 2. David Fares, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, 21st Century Fox 3. Marilyn Cade, President, ICT Strategies mCade 4. Sarah Wynn-Williams, Manager, Global Public Policy, Facebook 5. Paul Mitchell, Senior Director, Technology Policy, Microsoft Corporation

*** from Civil Society:

1. Joana Varon

2. Rafik Dammak

3. Anriette Esterhuysen

4. Vladimir Radunovik

5. Anja Kovacs

The Technical community have requested additional time to complete their selection mechanism and I'm expecting to hear from Academic community anytime.

In order to keep thing moving and start giving some structure to this initiative, I would like to suggest that we setup the coordination committee with the names we have while waiting for other to join. Hopefully very soon.

As for the nominations related to Brazil meeting's committees, nothing has really progressed from the local committee side. We have names from Business constancy that will be forward to them. We will forward the other as I receive them. I have shared with you on this list all the information I have on that. Any further authoritative information regarding this and the way forward should be coming from CGI.BR.


- a.

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