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Creating straw men--“perfect” selection, “equal” representation--for an argument such as this is beneath you… No one mentioned “perfection” or an abstract notion of “equality”.  Best efforts and an attitude of and behavior in support of “inclusiveness” would be sufficient but even those were not undertaken…

Michael -

  Alas, it is not a strawman argument, as you raised the very concern about the present efforts
  being "equally unrepresentative of those globally who are impacted"; hence it is now your
  obligation to explain how to achieve equal representation of all impacted stakeholders globally.

  I have seen several years of debate on IG lists about what constitutes various constituencies,
  and have zero faith that 1net is going to somehow achieve nirvana where it has been beyond
  reach for all other representative multi-stakeholder approaches to date.  I suspect this has far
  more to do with the lack of rigor inherent in the concept of representative multi-stakeholderism
  than any lack of good faith and earnest efforts in implementation.


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