[discuss] ISOC Brazil World Coup 2014

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Fri Dec 20 17:13:20 UTC 2013

At 14:30 20/12/2013, William Drake wrote:
>>Hi people,
>>Writing as a member of the local organizing group (LOG): we are
>Great, a new acronym to add to our lexicography, and one that 
>invites all kinds of bad puns etc. as well :-)

Dear William,
As Carlos explained this is another big GOL for Brazil, and better 
than "Brazilian organization group"!

On 13:44 20/12/2013, Mawaki Chango said:
>To be clear (and hopefully brief), I don't believe direct democracy 
>would be an effective decision making-process in this context

Hey! Wait a minute:

We only are:
- 7 billions "human underlaid" stakeholders + businesses + Govs + 
NGOs amounting to 38% of the traffic.
- Plus billons "harware underlaid" bots amounting to the rest of the traffic
- NSA watchers.

How would you LOG all them: this would probably be full of "Bog Data".

IRT Business representation, when I said to Marilyn Cade years ago 
that she was with a business leader (ATT) she explained me it was 
become a small consulting company after the break-up. Now, she does 
personnally run, and therefore represents, a small firm. 


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