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Ian, as you well know this has nothing to do with whether or not I'm a jolly
good chap or sufficiently "talented" or whatever and has everything to do
with whether or not certain voices are allowed to be heard/certain
perspectives have a seat at the table ... 


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Well dear fellow multistakeholders,

Here is the state of play as we enter the holiday period.

Business community chooses the biggest and richest without thought for

Technical community needs more time to get the job done.

Academic community works hard on deciding what an academic is.

Civil society implodes.

All sounds like business as usual to me (but maybe my cynicism will wear off
by morning).

I am not going to bore this list with a description of the civil society 
processes that came up with a very good representative set of names. If you 
want to know about the processes adopted, read the IGC or Best Bits archives

(or email me). Having worked with the various civil society groups as an 
independent facilitator, I can tell you that the civil society reps involved

knew their processes were imperfect, had little or no time to do anything 
about it, but ploughed ahead to come up with a very good and widely accepted


Those chosen for civil society were selected for their capacity to represent

all of civil society, not just their own organisations, and to work 
collegiately with other stakeholder groups. In a less talented field perhaps

Klaus or Michael, both of whom were candidates, might have been chosen.


All the best to you all and I look forward to some positive advances in the 
new year!

Ian Peter 

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