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Following on from Milton's observation concerning the imbalance in the representation from the business community I would propose to Inet that there are two groupings within CS.  One that articulates the interests and concerns of those with a primary vocation in the area of free expression, human rights and related matters, and a second which articulates the interests and concerns of those with a primary vocation in the area of "Internet Justice" as for example identified in the CI Declaration.

That being the case a second “nominating committee” in the Internet Justice area would be created to nominate representation in the various forums emerging out of the Brazil conference and elsewhere.

Michael -

   The CI Declaration's recognition of "Internet Justice" is quite admirable, but I am unaware
   of 1net taking any position regarding this principle.  To establish a second nominating
   committee based on such a principle would be premature (to best of my knowledge, at this
   time the only foundational statement of principles for 1net is the Montevideo Statement on
   the Future of Internet Cooperation)

   I am not suggesting that your proposal isn't worthwhile, only that it is premature given that
   is it based on principles not yet considered.   One of the important work items for a 1net
   steering committee (in my view) is to establish how 1net work items will be selected, and
   how consensus on 1net outputs will be determined - those appear to be fundamental tasks
   which would allow consideration of "Internet Justice" as 1net principle.


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