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As a matter of fact a number of IG CS people are already part of various
aspects of the CI network, and we of course, are pleased at their presence
and participation. However, that doesn't mean that the interests and
concerns as now formalized in the consensus CI Declaration
Empowerment%2C+and+Justice+for+All> , are in any way being transmitted
through them to the larger IG CS community although we would be delighted if
they were.


Following on from Milton's observation concerning the imbalance in the
representation from the business community I would propose to Inet that
there are two groupings within CS.  One that articulates the interests and
concerns of those with a primary vocation in the area of free expression,
human rights and related matters, and a second which articulates the
interests and concerns of those with a primary vocation in the area of
"Internet Justice" as for example identified in the CI Declaration.


That being the case a second "nominating committee" in the Internet Justice
area would be created to nominate representation in the various forums
emerging out of the Brazil conference and elsewhere.  Off the top I would
see including in this nominating committee those such as Ann-Kristin
Hakansson of the Indigenous ICT Task Force, Ahmed (Smiley) Ismael of
Siyafunda (the largest network of independent telecenters in Southern
Africa), Martin Wolske of the Center for Digital Inclusion, University of
Illinois who is using Community Informatics to work with inner city youth in
Chicago, among others.


I look forward to a positive response to this proposal at which time we
would work diligently to constitute this NomCom and provide appropriate
nominees for CS representation as well as Academic representation. The issue
of whether we would seek to nominate representation for the technical
positions from among technical actors active in the CI/Internet Justice
community will require further discussion.


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> Well, I guess these things are in the eye of the beholder although I 

> agree about the individuals selected.

> ...

> When I came forward to suggest that these voices should be provided an 

> opportunity through the CI network (which as you know consists of some 

> 1500 researchers, practitioners, grassroots activists and others who 

> of course are directly serving a base of communities and individuals 

> in all parts of the world) to be included in these discussions I was 

> rebuffed--not "miffed"--rebuffed.


> We are, as anyone can observe entering into a crucial round of 

> meetings/discussions/even decision points concerning the future of the 

> Internet and thus, I believe ultimately the future shape and even 

> content of human society as a whole.  These are not trivial matters.


> To not insist that the range of additional voices to whom community 

> informatics is pointing (unfortunately in the absence of other and 

> more powerful voices) is I believe to act irresponsibly and 

> unconscionably in relation to those people and to all of those whose 

> voices are not being given an opportunity to be heard in these forums.


Given the importance of this matter, why don't you invite one of chosen CS
individuals to participate in the CI network?  It should not be that
difficult for someone to bring issues up and seek insights from the CI
community, and that is no different than what these folks will likely be
doing when coalescing input from other communities. 





Disclaimer: My views alone.=

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