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here is the mail i sent to carlos.


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thank you for posting the LOG meeting summary.  8. Expected outcome
would help to define the objective of Brazil Meeting along Brazil
President's speech at UNGA with the five points, and Montevideo
Statement/1net. Hope we could define the objective of Brazil Meeting soon.
Then, we could come up with the meeting agenda next.

i would like to have the following items in the meeting objective;

1. "Working" definition of multistakeholder
       - may include "multistakeholderism" as it appear occasionally.
       - may append pending issues since we could not come up
         with a stable document in one meeting.

2. Revisit of "IG Models"
       - in the last ~8 years, the Internet has grown from one billion
users to
         ~3 billion users now. it may be a good time to revisit the
Internet which
         is being gloablized now with good consideration of the new
         users as we would have 5 billion users by the end of this decade.
       - with WGIG's report and 8 year's of IGF among others, it may be
         good time to revisit the Internet Governance (models) now.

hope we could come up with a productive meeting in Brazil next april, and
hope the Brazil meeting with its preparation process to compliment IGF.


On 21/12/2013, at 19:36, "Carlos A. Afonso" <ca at cafonso.ca> wrote:

> Hi people,
> This is my quick summary of yesterday's meeting of the local organizing
> group (LOG) for the BR meeting. This summary is basically oriented to
> civil society but may be useful to all stakeholders. Covers basically
> the structure of the committees and includes some other useful info.
> I do hope it answers several of the many questions we are receiving.
> fraternal regards
> --c.a.
> ================================
> 1. Co-chairs of the BR Meeting
> This is a no-brainer: the BR Meeting will be chaired by Virgilio Almeida
> (current chair of CGI.br, and member of Brazil's Ministry of Science,
> Technology and Innovation), and Fadi Chehadé.
> 2. High Level Multistakeholder Committee
> The HLMC will be responsible for overseeing the political articulations
> and for encouraging the participation of the international community.
> It will be composed of government representatives of 12 countries
> (precise list still being established by the BR government) plus 12
> non-govs, and two representatives of UN agencies to be chosen by the
> UNSG. The 12 non-govs include four of each non-gov stakeholder (civil
> society, academia/techies, private sector). All of the non-gov, non-UN
> stakeholders' names will be brought to the LOG by 1Net. So the HLC will
> be composed of 26 people.
> The HLMC will have four co-chairs, keeping the multistakeholder balance.
> One of the co-chairs will be Brazil's Minister of Communications Paulo
> Bernardo.
> So civil society needs to indicate to 1Net Steering Committee four
> high-level reps as soon as possible.
> 3. Executive Multistakeholder Committee
> The EMC will be responsible for organizing the event, including the
> discussion and implementation of the agenda, and the selection of the
> participants and the various stakeholders' proposals. The crucial part
> of the preparation process resides here, in close coordination with the
> Logistics Committee, so people selected for the EMC ought to make
> themselves readily available for this challenge.
> The LOG has already selected the eight Brazilian members of the EMC.
> There will be four co-chairs as well, and names already appointed are
> Demi Getschko (CEO of NIC.br) and Raúl Echeberría (to be confirmed, CEO
> of LACNIC). A representative of an international agency will be
> appointed as well (by the coordinating body of the UN agencies) to
> participate.
> Like the HLMC, non-gov, non-UN members of the EMC will be brought to the
> LOG by 1Net.
> For the EMC civil society needs to indicate to 1Net Steering Committee
> two names as soon as possible.
> 4. Logistics and Organizational Committee
> The LOC will be co-chaired by Hartmut Glaser, executive secretary of
> CGI.br with proven expertise in coordinating the organization of
> national and international events. Another co-chair will be indicated by
> 1Net.
> 5. Government Advisory Committee
> This is in the hands of the BR government who acts as a facilitator and
> coordinator. Two co-chairs will be indicated. This committee will be
> open to any government who wishes to act in an advisory capacity.
> 6. Funding
> NIC.br will cover about 50% of the meeting's overall costs. The balance
> will be share by international participants/sponsors. Contributions from
> ICANN and ISOC are expected.
> 7. Participation
> The meeting is to be held at Hotel Transamérica, in São Paulo, fairly
> close to NIC.br headquarters (see attached map). The basic distribution
> of participants is envisioned approximately as:
> 450 from govs
> 500-550 from non-gov, non-UN stakeholders
> 100 journalists
> 50 IGOs/UN reps
> Inviting participants, or receiving and approving participation
> requests, is one of the tasks of the EMC.
> 8. Expected outcomes as success indicators
> - Official launching of a review process of the global IG
> - Development of a set of universally acceptable core of principles for
> global IG;
> - Tentative draft of a global IG model.
> My personal comment: these ambitious outcomes of course involve a lot of
> preparatory process work, especially by the Executive Committee. This is
> why we need to conclude the nominations asap in order to start the real
> work towards the meeting.
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