[discuss] Report from the BR meeting local organizing group - Dec 2013

Roland Perry roland at internetpolicyagency.com
Wed Dec 25 19:29:00 UTC 2013

In message 
<20131225164118.F045721AB9 at inbound-queue-3.mail.thdo.gradwell.net>, at 
17:41:13 on Wed, 25 Dec 2013, JFC Morfin <jefsey at jefsey.com> writes
>I suggest we give ourselves a Xmas gift: we stop posting on this 
>trap-list for the day. (1) we take care of our familiies, and (2) 
>consider, further on, how what we might post is actually worth for them 
>the time we steal from them.

Agreed, although this is the only list I'm reading today (while the 
family does the dishes, cleaning up after the dinner I cooked for them 
Roland Perry

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