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I think it may be useful to go back to the origins of the discussion 
list based on the meetings that occurred at the IGF in Bali.  Since we 
have moved forward from where we were in Bali, this post is not meant to 
be determinative of the functions of 1Net, but I though some of the 
context of origin, at least from my perspective, might be useful.

Bali was in many ways of maelstrom of confusion related to what the 
Brazil meeting was and what it might accomplish.  The various meetings 
of the day, or hour, were problematic as information was not consistent 
across meetings.  The newness and formative nature of the Brazil event 
also resulted in mixed signals emerging from relevant government 
officials during the Bali meeting.  The general state of confusion and 
concern about both the potential for unintended consequences as well as 
a possible  lost opportunity if we didn't get it right made many people 
across stakeholder groups ask for greater clarity and more participative 
coordination. Concepts of a website and a distribution list were floated 
as possible ways forward.  A main task at hand was the near-term need to 
help shape the Brazil meeting.  To that end there was a discussion of 
using such a distribution list as a platform for organization.  There 
were also discussions of how to assure that stakeholder groups were 
appropriately represented in the process, which is where the concept of 
nominating what we in the business stakeholder group call liaisons as 
opposed to representatives (We do so because we do not believe that a 
practical number of persons for the purpose of organization could be 
sufficiently representative of the breadth of business perspectives.  
Thus, in our view, liaisons are there to coordinate with other 
stakeholders, but only "represent" on decisions which have been 
validated in a broader consultation process among their respective 

While the Brazil meeting was the near-term imperative, it was not the 
only consideration.  In Bali there was a general dialog on the 
importance of the multi-stakeholder process and a generalized concern 
that it was under some level of duress in some camps that favored pure 
multilateral process.  There were of course issues of what 
multistakeholder may mean or the scope of its remit; which issues have 
been replayed on this list as well.  Apart from Brazil, it was thought 
that this discussion might include discussion of how to assure the 
multistakeholder role across the various relevant meetings in related 
fora that will be taking place through 2014 and beyond.  Finally there 
was a general agreement on the importance and value of the IGF with 
assurances that these discussions and the Brazil meeting were meant to 
supplement/complement the IGF, not replace or displace it.  There were 
also discussions on how these consultation platforms might help address 
some issues raised by developing nations that were not sufficiently 
addressed at the IGF, either through proposing improvements in the IGF 
or developing supplemental references to other resources.

Nothing above should dictate what the actual role of 1Net should be from 
now into the future, but we should recognize that a number of the issues 
raised need to be addressed.  I do agree with a number of commentators 
on the list that we need to coalesce around a common meaning and mission 
for 1Net if it is to mean anything.  While recognizing the important 
role that CGI already plays in the outreach across stakeholders in 
Brazil, we should also understand the role 1Net or the global 
stakeholder groups individually need to play in relation to Brazil to 
assure that the event promotes and reflects the importance and inclusion 
of the stakeholder communities globally.

I thought a reflection back may help inform the path forward. Others 
should feel free to supplement with their Bali recollections, beyond the 
fact that the snow yesterday made me miss the heat during the walk from 
the hotel to conference center...

On 12/27/2013 7:50 AM, John Curran wrote:
> On Dec 27, 2013, at 7:37 AM, Jorge Amodio <jmamodio at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> There is little doubt (at least in my mind) that a seated 1net coordinating committee can
>>> establish exactly what role 1net will take on with respect to making appointments to any
>>> international meeting committees.
>> I thought 1net was being proposed as an open discussion platform, not an appointments and committee generating entity.
>> Feels like you guys are pushing too hard to create additional hats and chairs without yet making it clear what are the real intentions behind 1net.
> Jorge -
>     I frankly couldn't care less whether 1net makes any appointments to any committees;
>     it is indeed intended as an open discussion platform.   I simply believe that it is polite
>     for 1net to respond in some manner if asked to make appointments.
> /John
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