[discuss] Opportunity for input on the development process forIANAoversight transition plan

parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Wed Apr 2 12:12:57 UTC 2014

On Tuesday 01 April 2014 07:58 PM, Patrik Fältström wrote:
> On 1 apr 2014, at 13:01, parminder <parminder at itforchange.net> wrote:
>> Two key principles for constituting the oversight or stewardship group therefore should be
>> 1. It has to be populated from outside the group/ community associated with CIR related functions
> I do not understand this, but of course it depends on what you mean by "CIR" (for example). Can you expand please?

Of course, it is critical Internet resources - to use a generic term for 
functions undertaken by ICANN and its associated bodies.
> For me the IANA function is to execute according to the policies developed by the various policy development processes there is. The PDPs result in rules, and IANA is to follow those rules.

The current IANA contract also says that ICANN should ensure global 
public interest.  This may at times need to be drawn from processes 
other than the PDPs that you mention. In any case, ensuring that ICANN's 
own processes have been adhered to has to be an external function.

> To me the most important thing because of this is that there is an audit/accountability mechanism back to the various places the PDPs reside that results in requests to IANA to do something, because ultimately the PDP (where the PDP resides) is the key issue to the parameters.

These parametres may still need to checked for adherence to global 
public policies, that are developed outside ICANN's PDP processes.

>    Patrik

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