[discuss] ICANN accountability and Internet Governance Principles

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Thu Apr 3 19:18:15 UTC 2014

At 16:42 03/04/2014, Seth Johnson wrote:
>But that hearing was a staged divide just to keep the legislative 
>branch in contention, not actually a real interrogation of the 
>nature of the issue.

This is not the reading of L. Strickling who considers that the wold 
is "split" on the issue. And explains that we have 5 years and half 
to address the issue. It means that he does not see this as a local 
partisan issue. Things are definitly more complex and complicate than 
discussed on this mailing list.  This is probably why he has 
delegated the burden to act as a discussion front-end to ICANN and a 

IMHO up to 5 1/2 years gives the USG time enough to see if ICANN 
survives the concept of change and how. IMHO, the world will decide 
on real and demonstrated proposition alternatives. The test is to see 
if the edge providers ally into some ICANN alternative or not, how 
the civil society behaves, what ISOC actually proposes. ICANN might 
be the ultilmate winner, but it is for now in competition and show 
that it is the best in being able to fairly document its possible 
alternatives or complements.

Not an easy task.


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