[discuss] Transparency and Accountability vis-à-vis ICANN and the IANA functions

John Curran jcurran at istaff.org
Thu Apr 3 23:23:53 UTC 2014

On Apr 3, 2014, at 6:43 PM, michael gurstein <gurstein at gmail.com> wrote:

> John,
> You probably overlooked this paragraph
> There is a third possible goal (which I would anticipate many in this discussion will suggest) which is “enabling the most effective (and/or efficient) operation of the Internet”.  However, on close examination I think it is clear that this is not (and cannot) be a discrete goal in itself, rather it simply awaits the raising of the same question… “enabling the most effective operation of the Internet” for what… --the public interest or the range of private interests?

Michael - 
   I saw the paragraph, and answered it:  the technical coordination of Internet identifier 
   predominantly serves the providers of the infrastructure of the Internet itself, i.e. private 

   That does not mean that the Internet itself cannot be focused on serving public interests,
   or have a set of principles oriented towards that purpose, but simply that a set of principles 
   for that purpose are above the infrastructure,... i.e. a  set of principles for Internet _governance_, 
   whereas ICANN and the related registries are predominantly about technical administration,
   and need a set of principles focused on open and transparent administration of the registries.


Disclaimer: My view alone.

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