[discuss] Transparency and Accountability vis-à- vis ICANN and the IANA functions

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Fri Apr 4 01:43:26 UTC 2014

At 01:23 04/04/2014, John Curran wrote:
>      Internet itself


it seems that the first problem we face is the lack of response to 
Nathalie's question: what is the internet? Now, you identify it to 
someting having, capacities, duties, etc.

For me, it is only a set of conventions between connected machine 
owners in order to achieve things together. It is something so fuzzy 
("be liberal ...") than in 35 years no one has been able to publish a 
Single Authorritative Internet Book.

IMHO nothing we can imagine will work if it is not only a stable 
self-equilibrium of forces. We had political dominance. The usual 
alternative forces are competition, multitude's philia or violence. 
If we read L. Strickling we have 5.5 years to find some solution that 
is more stable, includes more stakeholders, has no single point of 


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