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[MG>] <lots of really important interesting stuff from me snipped J >


Michael - 


   We have a dynamic successful Internet precisely because it evolved far
faster (and

   external to) the telephony regulatory environment...

[MG>] probably true but I don't see that history is destiny. here or
elsewhere. At some point in various places it was decided that one unified,
generally accessible system of public transport managed in the interest of
the overall community was preferable to an anarchic system of private
transport services which had grown up over time in response to demand and
rapidly growing urban areas.


  It is fairly difficult to regulate  

   something without first defining it, and once defined by governmental
bodies, the 

   definitions tend to change only at glacial pace.

[MG>] this seems to me to be a challenge for very smart technical people to
work out and then to inform the rather more ponderous public policy folks as
to the solution that they have come up with.


   You assert that the way the Internet is to be managed (or more
accurately, to 

   be regulated) has some bearing on the principles of how Internet

   are administered, and yet that is completely unproved and likely false.

   is no need for political overtones regarding Internet usage philosophy to

   introduced to the Internet identifier management, any more than it is

   to require that users access the Internet via systems designed "in the

   interest" or assembled with screws that were specified "in the public

[MG>] I have asserted no such thing. You have indicated that the
administration of "Internet identifiers" is being done so as to advance
private interests rather than the public interest. I'm not sufficiently
familiar with that area to make any assertions one way or the other (I
believe that Parminder has given a useful list of examples where the public
interest and private interests have diverged in these matters and I don't
recall any overwhelming arguments against the applicability of these. my own
argument was at a more general level. however, I did precisely exclude
issues concerning how users would access the Internet in my overall
discussion. (viz. it doesn't matter how/or by what device folks access a
dial-tone as long as a dial-tone is reliably accessible


   If you wish the use of the Internet to be governed based on "public
interest",  then 

   have governments legislate user and service provider behavior

[MG>] this doesn't follow at all from what I have said


  It does not require any unique relationship with the Internet identifier
system, just 

   as regulation of consumer credit usage does not require direct control
over the

   registries of credit card numbers.

[MG>] see above







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