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Sat Apr 5 01:14:04 UTC 2014

At 19:57 04/04/2014, nathalie coupet wrote:
>Hello All,
>Could you be able to tell me whether First Net is an Intranet, 
>another internet (with another root, and name-space resolution system)?

FirstNet is a totally different system. However, nothing prevents 
bridges. This is typically what VGNs are about.

There are geographical infrastructure networks, like telephone lines, 
radiowaves, TV, FistNet. All of them can be modelized along the 
network pile (you heard of the OSI part of it). A bridge is to make 
two technologies compatible at a given layer, and therefore above. It 
means that for uses at that layer and above, the two networks can be 
used as a single virtual one.

This is like using the internet from your mobile and your lap-tp and 
your Home PC. FirstNet will have its own namespace, whatever the 
binaries being used and the syntax. It is up to its designers to make 
it compatible with the DNS. If this was the case, it is possible to 
imagine connections on the police, or firemen VGNs of some city, or a 
global one, using a FirstNet "FN'" DNS class, with its own root, to 
be sure there is no possible cross conflict with domain names sold by 
ICANN registries.

There is obviously the same need, for Classes as for IP addresses, of 
an allocation standardization. IETF has reserved some of them for 
users. Each country should have its portion as well as world wide 
spaces (sea, air, space, health, etc.) to be managed by the 
national/international law. The best is probably to proceed as for 
the ccTLDs and get them allocated as per ISO 3166.


>Why would it be inconceivable to admit that BGP needs an overhaul? 
>I'm sure all governments must be working on ways to put their 
>critical infrastructure on another switch-packet system with maybe 
>F2F connectivity? Black nets? Or something else? Please explain what 
>possibilities there are for governments to safeguard their critical 
>1) within the current Internet infrastructure
>2) with another internet
>Thank you!
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