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> Hello All,
> Could you be able to tell me whether First Net is an Intranet, another
internet (with another root, and name-space resolution system)?
>From the set of principles [1]; the watcher seem to avoid being watched, it
also seem to be a backup plan just incase the unforeseen happens to the
almighty internet ;)

First and foremost, the FirstNet network is being built for public safety.
The purpose of the network is to provide a broadband wireless
communications to police officers, firefighters, paramedics and other
public safety and support personnel to meet their important mission every

1. http://firstnet.gov/about/guiding-principles

> Why would it be inconceivable to admit that BGP needs an overhaul? I'm
sure all governments must be working on ways to put their critical
infrastructure on another switch-packet system with maybe F2F connectivity?
Black nets? Or something else? Please explain what possibilities there are
for governments to safeguard their critical infrastructure:
> 1) within the current Internet infrastructure
> 2) with another internet
> Thank you!
> Nathalie
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