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That's only the simple version.  If the House and Senate have different versions of a bill, they have to confer and harmonize the bill, or it gets sent from one house to the other, etc. (Apologies to those who follow the legislative process more closely than I do, for inaccuracies...).

As for the further US oversight of the US giving up oversight - it could be painful or not.  Fadi Chehade and Larry Strickling both assured the house committee that held a hearing last week that they would be kept fully informed.  Whether that's enough....


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Even if either bill gets out of committee and is passed by the Republican-controlled House, it will need to go on to the Democratic-controlled Senate, pass there, and the be signed into law by President Obama.  I don't think this is likely to happen.

Thanks for this; for explaining how the senate works in the US. In my country, there is one senate and it is either the majority go (as example republican-controlled) in support of a bill or not. A bill only go through the senate house collectively  and not through senate party representations (as you have described above).

What it is doing is focusing scrutiny and visibility on the transition process (and on the Congresspeople that have sponsored these bills).  It may also result in some form of understanding regarding the nature and scope of US government (including Congressional) oversight of the NTIA and their decision-making process on the IANA transition.

Hopefully the understanding that emerge will be toward improving further penetration and openness of the Internet as we know it today. Otherwise i did prefer not to have such understanding unveiled ;)

Greg Shatan

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A related H.R. 4342 "Domain Openness Through Continued Oversight Matters Act of 2014" (or as is Republican Rep. John Shimkus called it "DOTCOM Act of 2014") further along process and already gathered 11 co-sponsors.

So given the House of Representative is mostly controlled by Republican, I think either of these two H.R is going to get through.

Question is whether it would actually have any effect on the process remains unknown.

-James Seng

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I can't imagine that this will ever become law.


On 07-Apr-14 11:21, James Seng wrote:
> In case anyone cares, the H.R 4367 aka "Internet Stewardship Act of
> 2014" as discussed on 2nd April is now available.
> 2.
> NTIA prohibited from relinquishing DNS responsibilities
> The Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information
> may not relinquish or agree to relinquish the responsibilities of the
> National Telecommunications and Information Administration with respect
> to Internet domain name functions, including responsibility with respect
> to the authoritative root zone file, the Internet Assigned Numbers
> Authority functions, or the related root zone management functions,
> unless such relinquishment is permitted by a statute enacted after the
> date of the enactment of this Act.
> --
> -James Seng
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-James Seng

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