[discuss] ICANN proposal for NTIA transition published

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>It's because ICANN believes ICANN should keep the IANA function, and 
>because ICANN wants to keep the IANA function, by any means necessary.

Presumably you are therefore saying "yes" to the first of the two 
alternatives I mentioned?

>There are certainly proposals to take IANA out of ICANN.  I'm not sure 
>what the "customers" of IANA think of these proposals or keeping IANA 

That's why some people might think it was the second alternative. In 
other words, before you can decide who gets the job, you have to 
complete the process of deciding what the job is, how a transition away 
from NTIA (to anyone at all) would be managed, and how the successful 
candidate would be chosen.

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>>On a very cursory and initial read, the scope
> >rules out discussion of IANA being operated by ICANN as part of the 
> >>conversation
>Is that because it's *already assumed* that ICANN will be operating 
>IANA at the end of all this, or because the search to find a suitable 
>community-based organisation to operate IANA will only begin *after* 
>the transition process itself has been agreed?
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