[discuss] FW: [IP] GOP, Dems Clash Over Online Domain Name Oversight/reality check

Jefsey jefsey at jefsey.com
Mon Apr 14 14:20:48 UTC 2014

At 15:22 14/04/2014, joseph alhadeff wrote:
>How do we include them?

Not that easy. We created the IUCG at the IETF to that end (site 
currently affected). This is not the proper way (the target was the 
informed and lead users). These people are not interested in spending 
time awfull lot of time discussing issues they cannot materialize, 
and that depend on 7000 RFCs.

I came to the conclusion that it was easier to make them transform 
the internet rather than to transform the internet for them. This was 
a dream until Snowden and the NTIA retirement because the internet 
was by all means depending on "sovereign remote powers". Now, I start 
at the bottom: through VGN and local meetings: mastering your VGNet 
as you master your machine, whatever your Windows, Apple or Linux 
environment. This is not that easy, this is the begining for me, but 
the echo among FLOSS people which were my first IUCG target is good 
(but dependent on their available time and money, and local). The 
project of a duplicable local VGNet (among neighbors) is at the 
begining, but it obviously interests lay-people. The big issue will 
be a multilingual SuperIANA documentation, they can approach as an 
"Internet Book" at their fingerprints.

Far too early, but possibly a way to help people to master their 
internet. Obviously the big error here was ICANN refusing to consider 
Joop Teemstra IDNO and our MS atlarge effort. Should I start it 
again? I have the atlarge.org domain name available for you/them? The 
idea was an e-mail club. your-name at large.org to build an user open community.

ICANN created ALAC from/against us to burry us. We sent a few people 
there. Then they started refusing us. I kept the idea of creating a 
MOOC on digisphere issues. But we would need some good 
speakers/teachers knowledgeable about the internet reality - so many 
people are intoxicated by the stakeholderly correct. This is not easy 
to read and synthetize all these RFCs.... This is slower to apply 
them intelligently and participate in building-up an internet use 
architecture, but possibly more productive - without having to be a techie?


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