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joseph alhadeff joseph.alhadeff at oracle.com
Wed Apr 16 11:29:55 UTC 2014

Apologies, should never post before first cup of coffee :-) conflated 
troll and fix broken posts.  My bad.

On 4/16/2014 7:19 AM, joseph alhadeff wrote:
> Strikes me that this conversation of fixing the broken - on both sides 
> - is the waste of time we have been seeking to avoid.  While the list 
> is way too packed with conspiracy theory, presumption presented as 
> fact, over generalizations and impractical arguments, for my taste, 
> and despite resulting in less marginal utility, the comments are not 
> irrelevant to the conversation.  This list has never been limited to 
> the narrower issues that might be relevant to Brazil. Early on we had 
> a person suggesting salary information and all sorts of personal 
> invective and non-sense.  To me that was a troll.  What we have now is 
> perhaps much less than optimal in productivity, but not out of bounds 
> with a broad view of the list's topical relevance.  A positive 
> reminder for people to keep to thread topics or start new topics  and 
> perhaps a request for greater care and delineation between opinion and 
> demonstrated fact could be more helpful.  At the maximum, I think we 
> could suggest that some threads are not topical to this list and ask 
> that they be pursued elsewhere.  It would also be useful for posters 
> not to presuppose that they speak on behalf of the unseen majority, 
> unless there is some demonstration that they have an actual 
> representative capacity.  One may otherwise opine /beliefs that most 
> people might think that/... as a more accurate phrasing.
> Short hand: a vote for enhanced civility, productivity and fact-based 
> argument on all sides.  Absent those, the list will become irrelevant 
> on its own with no need for exclusions.
> Best
> Joe
> On 4/15/2014 9:20 PM, Jefsey wrote:
>> At 02:27 16/04/2014, George Sadowsky wrote:
>>> I agree.  The Steering Committee has agreed to put into effect 
>>> certain processes to deal with this, modeled after IETF procedures 
>>> for dealing with the same behavior.  We should see a proposal, and 
>>> then hopefully something being put into practice very soon.
>> Great!
>> This implies the clarification on the ICANN/NTIA position regarding 
>> their conception of what is an enhanced cooperation, in particular 
>> with the multitude's stakeholders.
>> I am back from my evening working meeting on VGNs. People were quite 
>> pleased with the "troll" mails: every of us wait for this, now 
>> annouced, clarification. It was made urgent by the today's parallel  
>> "so many of your statements here are false or twisted in your assumed 
>> implications that it hurts" rude words of a former ICANN VP to Carlos 
>> A. Afonso, the civil society artesan of the NETmundial, for his 
>> gallant presentation of the user's genuine vision of the status of 
>> the I*leaders' RFC 6852 internet.
>> The Steering Committee position will be a test for the NTIA. It will 
>> help us to know far better what the olicannopole's MSism and 
>> globalization can be, just in time before the Sao Paulo meeting. I 
>> obviously hope that VGN Masters, IUsers of the Multitude and 
>> end-users (on a non pay-vote basis) will be able to cooperate with 
>> the new ICANN toward an architectural innovative revamp of the global 
>> catenet under a neutral internet reviewed, consolidated, and extended 
>> trustable technology.
>> jfc
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