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Shatan, Gregory S. GShatan at ReedSmith.com
Fri Apr 18 22:38:07 UTC 2014

That's an awful lot of negative judgments/assumptions about stakeholder participants and the multistakeholder decision-making process.  You're entitled to your opinions, but these are not facts.  And my opinion (formed in part through several years of participation in multistakeholder processes) are quite different ( more or less the opposite of) your opinions.  With a different set of judgments/assumptions, one could conclude that MS processes align well with democratic values.

That's not to say that any particular practicing MS process is an Olympian ideal, but then again, neither are any practicing democracies that I am aware of.  And of course, democracies are full of parties and factions and special interest groups and exclusionary maneuvering (Gerrymandering, voter qualification, etc.) and resource issues.  And the policy and implementation issues involved in "democratic" IG would be mind-boggling, and would create new problems without necessarily solving old ones (let's all vote on IPv6!)

It might be an interesting theoretical debate or dissertation, but pragmatically speaking the whole MS vs. democracy debate is a big red herring.

Greg Shatan

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Thanks c.a.

And remembering that in an earlier distant life I was a sociologist. Perhaps you could elaborate on what you have written below... I really don't see how having self-selected "stakeholders" sitting around a table making deals/decisions that affect themselves (and their interests) and everyone else (most of whom would have no real opportunity to function as "stakeholders" whether through exclusionary practices of existing stakeholders or because of a lack of resources etc.) can in any sense be "made" democratic.

But I could be wrong.


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Since I do not bother being bashed, I dare to advance (borrowing from Geometry, please recall that in the distant past I did naval
engineering) that "multistakeholder" is orthogonal to "democracy", "participation" and so on. We make multistakeholder democratic and participative by our own (each stakeholder's) actions.

fraternal regards


On 04/18/2014 12:05 PM, McTim wrote:
>> Clearly there is an intent to replace democratic governance with
>> multistakeholder governance. But this issue is not addressed in a
>> forthright manner anywhere in the document.
> I believer the opposite to be true.
> You and a few other folk would like to replace the 40 year old
> existing governance model of the Internet with a version of
> Westphalianism.
> --
> McTim
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