[discuss] we need to fix what may be broken

S Moonesamy sm+1net at elandsys.com
Sat Apr 19 06:54:22 UTC 2014

Hi Barry,
At 11:53 18-04-2014, Barry Shein wrote:
>IANA has run out of IPv4 addresses to transfer to RIRs.

Yes (simple answer)

APNIC and RIPE are in their (IPv4) exhaustion phase.

>So we don't even seem to agree on the basic facts.
>And that's a very important distinction.


>But one can't glibly say that everything is working just fine because
>they and most people they know seem to be getting along.

I would not say that everything is working fine.  There has been 
outreach, etc.  The current IPv6 statistics are not 
encouraging.  What was proposed in this thread was for ICANN to do 
more outreach.  I don't think that would have significant impact; 
that approach has been tried previously by one or more 
organizations.  What I am not agreeing to is to volunteer for the 
initiative.  That does not prevent other people from volunteering for 
the initiative.

S. Moonesamy 

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