[discuss] When did the Multitude vote?

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Sat Apr 19 18:12:10 UTC 2014

I recall in the formation process of ICANN there were meetings with open 
mikes and people were asked to identify themselves and their 
affiliation.  Too often there was a confusion between someone being a 
member of a group and their statement that they spoke on behalf of the 
group. Statements like "I represent the people" were often justified by 
"I wrote a book"...  This, like many other issues, persists to this 
day.  At best one could say "I speak for myself and like-minded 
individuals as part of the Multitude".. ...

On 4/19/2014 1:26 PM, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
> I am quite puzzled here, how can a call to be transparent results to 
> voluntary withdrawal, is that confirmation of the perceived?. Perhaps 
> it may be good to know the composition of the "we", what are the 
> attitude referred and who are members of the Multitude?
> Cheers!
> On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 5:56 PM, FSP4NET <alliance at fsp4.net 
> <mailto:alliance at fsp4.net>> wrote:
>     The attitude of several of the participants in the ICANN
>     governance of the Sao Paulo/"NTIAtransition" process mailing lists
>     in regards to our stakeholder's needs and against the members of
>     the Multitude we are has demonstrated the practical inability of
>     this process to adapt to the reality of the 2014 network use and
>     of what should be an Open Multi-Stakeholder process and cooperation.
>     This calls for some additional structural adaptation from people
>     characterized by their self-determination in front of the ICANN
>     rigidity in order to see the diversity of needs of their
>     architecture of internet use securely addressed and protected.
>     We have, therefore, resolved:
>     1. to terminate our individual participation in the "/1NET" and
>     "IANAtransition" processes.
>     2. to convene a co-opted dynamic coalition for a fail-secure plan
>     for virtual global networks by the name and collective signature
>     of "FSP4NET" and of "NETORSEC" in the French language.
>     3. to assign to this dynamic coalition the management of an
>     enhanced coalition for a development executed in cooperation
>     between the Libre, institutional, and competitive sector (DECLIC,
>     http://dnsa.org/index.php/DECLIC) of the VGN fail-secure
>     "HomeRoot", "SuperIANA", "Happy-IP", etc.  works, documentation,
>     development, and experimentation projects.
>     4. to collectively dialogue on the /1NET, IANAtransition, and
>     other mailing lists and with regalian, private, and civil
>     authorities, groups, and individuals as the FSP4NET
>     Multi-Stakeholder Group under the common authoritative signature
>     FSP4NET at alliance at fsp4.net <mailto:alliance at fsp4.net>. The mails
>     received at this address will be forwarded to the fsp4 at fsp4.net
>     <mailto:fsp4 at fsp4.net> dynamic coalition internal mailing list to
>     be addressed after having been collectively discussed.
>     5. to give telepresse.com <http://telepresse.com> an observatory
>     status on this mailing list.
>     Secretariat will be assumed by Intlnet.
>     In so doing, FSP4NET/NETORSEC experiments an MS governance model
>     that it intends to refine and that it wants to be polycratic, that
>     is, gathering free members of the Multitude, i.e. persons and
>     initiatives retaining their entire self-determination vis-à-vis
>     any non-legally binding governance rule, for them to concert, then
>     authoritatively and individually decide, and adjust to the
>     possibly resulting emergence. This results in the FSP4NET
>     coalition and signature expressing multi-author dynamic positions
>     toward an IG polylogue that targets consensus progressive
>     discoveries, rather than multiple dialogues multilaterally seeking
>     bilateral agreements. This reflects that even a rough consensus is
>     still more than the multilateral sum of its underlying bilateral
>     agreements.
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