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I am quite puzzled here, how can a call to be transparent results to
voluntary withdrawal, is that confirmation of the perceived?. Perhaps it
may be good to know the composition of the "we", what are the attitude
referred and who are members of the Multitude?


On Sat, Apr 19, 2014 at 5:56 PM, FSP4NET <alliance at fsp4.net> wrote:

> The attitude of several of the participants in the ICANN governance of the
> Sao Paulo/"NTIAtransition" process mailing lists in regards to our
> stakeholder's needs and against the members of the Multitude we are has
> demonstrated the practical inability of this process to adapt to the
> reality of the 2014 network use and of what should be an Open
> Multi-Stakeholder process and cooperation.
> This calls for some additional structural adaptation from people
> characterized by their self-determination in front of the ICANN rigidity in
> order to see the diversity of needs of their architecture of internet use
> securely addressed and protected.
> We have, therefore, resolved:
> 1. to terminate our individual participation in the "/1NET" and
> "IANAtransition" processes.
> 2. to convene a co-opted dynamic coalition for a fail-secure plan for
> virtual global networks by the name and collective signature of "FSP4NET"
> and of "NETORSEC" in the French language.
> 3. to assign to this dynamic coalition the management of an enhanced
> coalition for a development executed in cooperation between the Libre,
> institutional, and competitive sector (DECLIC, http://dnsa.org/index.php/
> DECLIC) of the VGN fail-secure "HomeRoot", "SuperIANA", "Happy-IP", etc.
>  works, documentation, development, and experimentation projects.
> 4. to collectively dialogue on the /1NET, IANAtransition, and other
> mailing lists and with regalian, private, and civil authorities, groups,
> and individuals as the FSP4NET Multi-Stakeholder Group under the common
> authoritative signature FSP4NET at alliance at fsp4.net. The mails received
> at this address will be forwarded to the fsp4 at fsp4.net dynamic coalition
> internal mailing list to be addressed after having been collectively
> discussed.
> 5. to give telepresse.com an observatory status on this mailing list.
> Secretariat will be assumed by Intlnet.
> In so doing, FSP4NET/NETORSEC experiments an MS governance model that it
> intends to refine and that it wants to be polycratic, that is, gathering
> free members of the Multitude, i.e. persons and initiatives retaining their
> entire self-determination vis-à-vis any non-legally binding governance
> rule, for them to concert, then authoritatively and individually decide,
> and adjust to the possibly resulting emergence. This results in the FSP4NET
> coalition and signature expressing multi-author dynamic positions toward an
> IG polylogue that targets consensus progressive discoveries, rather than
> multiple dialogues multilaterally seeking bilateral agreements. This
> reflects that even a rough consensus is still more than the multilateral
> sum of its underlying bilateral agreements.
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