[discuss] apologies to Mr Morfin

FSP4NET alliance at fsp4.net
Tue Apr 22 13:26:37 UTC 2014

At 03:25 22/04/2014, Carlos A. Afonso wrote:
>Hi people, I sent earlier a message alerting about Morfin being an
>avatar for possible trolling. Since then I was alerted by people I trust
>that the ID belongs to a real person, Jean-François C. Morfin:
>http://montpel-libre.fr/spip.php\XÛLMNM‚‚'HÚ\ÚÈݛۙÛH\ÛÙÚ^™H›Ü€ my 
>mistake. I earlier on tried to locate proper info but only now, 
>after the alert, I managed to confirm my mistake. What can I 
>sayÚ[YHÛˆYK‚‚™œ˜]\›˜[™YØ\™Â‚‹K at c.a.

Dear Carlos,

No offence intended and no offence taken. All this is an applied 
networking experimentation: how do you expect a IANA MS process to 
work in this son of NSA context?

A few remarks:

1. Avatars are standard participants to online MS processes where 
what is discussed are not the ideas/positions/needs of a particular 
individual but of functions, projects, options, possibilities that 
are explored or documented, a succession of people, etc. or a group. 
They are this way impersonified on an equal footing with real persons 
or persons claiming they represent big corporations or civil society 

For example, we know what is ICANN (through its 990 Form), but who is 
it representing? Who can commit for it on the long range? Does not 
the NTIA want to make it a super-Troll, i.e. "a supernatural beings" 
who is "rarely described as helpful or friendly" which would proceed 
from an I*leading troll group?

2. JFC Morfin is engaged since 1977 in the identification and the 
defense of the digital common interests of human relational spaces. 
As such he has many opponents among those who want to technically, 
politically or commercially control those spaces, their members and 
their system. Some also who have not understood yet what digital 
relational spaces fully are.

3. The case of Michel Gauthier makes us laugh a lot (who is the "we": 
for years, we were not many in our VGN, more among our readers, but 
this is increasing due to Jay's, George's, Greg's, etc. mails and the 
HomeRoot/SuperIANA project). The reason why is this lot of 
imagination and work being spent for a wrong result, while everything 
is innocous, public and published for 16 years.
Ezech. xii. 2


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