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On Apr 26, 2014, at 5:13 PM, Izumi AIZU <iza at anr.org> wrote:

> I echo with Avri and Raul mostly, but being a MAG member and also a former member of CSTD Working Group for the IGF improvement, I like add one more element.
> IGF itself and MAG in particular have the Open Consultation process and our coming next Open Consultation is there within a few weeks time in Paris.
> It will be very nice if lessens learned from NETMundial be presented in a way of concrete proposals and suggestions from anyone into the Open Consultation. 
> So that MAG members and all stakeholders engaged will be able to consider these and go beyond the current state of play.
> I mean, MAG (members) per se does not have power to change IGF by itself, but collective voice and work will have. I like to be the servant for that.

Izumi - 
    Excellent points.   I think we need to consider the format and lessons from NETmundial, 
    and figure out how to advance the cause of Internet Governance; what I cannot discern
    is how much of the NETmundial format and output development process should be drawn
    into IGF and/or whether having a linkage to a periodic IGF-affiliated "NETmundial-like"
    meeting to work on solution exploration for one or two topics would be a better format. 
    An affiliated meeting would have the advantage of being able to immediately adopt some 
    of the MS participation and outcome development benefits of the NETmundial approach,
    and it could be fed from the set of issue exploration sessions on a given topic from the prior 
    IGF meeting(s).    It might also be somewhat easier for the IGF partner with such a meeting 
    than to attempt to evolve one or more days of its existing agenda and processes to achieve
    the same result.

    Regardless of the approach taken, we do need to strengthen the IGF, including its 
    mandate, financial resources, and intersessional dialogue capabilities.  Progress
    in these areas will benefit all regardless of the approach taken to provide for more
    detailed and actionable outcome development.


Disclaimer: My views alone.

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