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Thu Aug 21 22:11:48 UTC 2014

Thanks, Constance. I can agree with a good deal of what you said.While the NETmundial Initiative, whatever it is, and whatever it might not be is interesting as a topic to share information on, it is a yet to be determined 'thing'. there are many expressed concerns and while I have stated that I am optimistic about all initiatives, I made it clear that I have one priority. That is the strengthened and evolved IGF.Some will gather in Geneva on 8/28. Whatever and whomever that is, it is a grass tops approach to something and I look forward to what it proposes to be and to do.  
Where I can, if I am a part of an agenda, I will fit a dialogue about this proposed initiative into topics and agendas, to better understand. NOT to overtake. NOT to prevail. NOT to replicate. and NOT to compete.  Today, for me, I remain interested in learning, but I have standards that any initiative has to meet -- to support the IGF.  Here's a standard for certain key participants in the 8/28 'launch': Key organizations planning to participate on that 8/28 event should first examine their funding commitment to the IGF Trust Fund, and 1) cement it 2) increase it 3) make it a multi year commitment, and announce it before they attend the 8/28 meeting in Geneva. That goes for ICANN in particular, as well as others:  Governments, and stakeholders who are attending the event on 8/28. In addition, as called for by civil society, the agenda and proposed SC members should be made public, and 1NET may be  a good place to start, for informational purposes. All of us at the MAG, and in the larger IGF community want the IGF to evolve, and to contribute more significantly. Tunis gives us the mandate. We need the funding, and the commitment. Each IGF is more significant in numbers and diversity than the year's before. We have not just Brazil as a host for 2015, but Mexico as host for 2016.  We are already hearing from a few countries that they want to host in years ahead. National and regional IGF Initiatives are growing in impact, and in attendance.  NOT all topics can be resolved at IGF, but outputs of IGF can then influence other fora. that is something we are still working on how to do.  If the key supporters of the NETmundial Initiative are really committed to the IGF,then first and before anything else, they will step up their funding to the IGF Trust Fund. They will announce it before the 8/28 event. And, they will understand that talking about their initiative is only a small topic, will not seek to subsume the IGF agenda and will respect that as they also participate in the IGF 2014.  It's a small ask, and one I am sure that they will respect. 
It is and should be, the IGF when we gather in Istanbul, and everyone should be thinking first and foremost about our contribution to the success of this IGF, and to its future. M 		 	   		  
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